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CAJ Entertainment - Create Art Joy is an entertainment company created by Aline Chapet--Batlle in 2018. CAJ Entertainment aims to develop creative and cross-discipline works in the Arts industry by organizing workshops and events in Australia.



On The Inside

Tetra & Live Music - 20 min

On The Inside tells the story of two humans stuck in their daily routine, dreaming of wonderful and unusual interactions, hoping for them to come to life. Projecting their desires into reality, they create a whole new world of circus, musical performances and physical theater with one unique goal: escaping the current set of rules.

Set around the unique circus structure Tetra, join performer A Line In The Air and guitarist Eric Roeting on a quest towards freedom and evasion…

April 10th-13th - Fremantle International Street Arts Festival

Highway to Hell

Tetra & Live Music - 20 min

Part of Perth Festival's takeover of Canning Highway, A Line In The Air and Eric Roeting will bring AC/DC into a crazy circus world for a unique performance in front of Fremantle's famous Rainbow Containers.

Expect the timeless bops of Australia's favorite band with a French twist and a lot of comedic action!

March 1st 2020 - 5.20pm, 6.10pm & 7pm

exhibit 1 sqaure.jpg

Exhibit #1

Open stage for Perth's Contemporary Circus

Showcasing a variety of acts executed by artistically challenging and technically excellent local performers, EXHIBIT aims to create a platform where Perth's artists can exchange with their audience to present new ideas, shows and works in the making.

For the first edition we will be joined by: A Line In The Air, Ben Kotovski-Steele, 
Bonnie Blewitt, Gaea Anastas and Simon Wood

March 13th 2020 - 8pm - Doors open 7pm



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